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Bio 250 Palaeoecology

1. Principles of palaeoecology I

2a. Principles of palaeoecology II

2b. Pollen analysis

3. Pollen analysis - interpretation

4. Coring and sediment description

5. General vegetation history I

6. General vegetation history II

7. Plant macrofossils

8. Late-glacial ecosystems

9. Oligotrophication and acidification

10. Eutrophication

11. Palaeolimnology

12. Other proxies

13. Ancient DNA

14. Tree-lines

15. The role of palaeoecology

16. Quantitative palaeoecology

17. Trends in biodiversity

Topics to think about - some questions for each lecture to promote your understanding

Take-home exercise from 2014 plus guidance

Interpretation of the take-home exercise

Exam from 2014 plus the 'Palaeo 50' paper