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Sedimental Journeys - The Life and Legacy of Herb Wright

Compiled by his friends and colleagues

Herb Wright in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Herb Wright in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, 2004. Photo: Brigitta Ammann

This eBook is a collection of essays, articles, tales of field adventures, poems, eulogies, and picture galleries about Herb Wright and his varied life and enormous legacy. They are all by friends, students, and colleagues of Herb.

Further contributions would be warmly welcomed. Please email your contributions to john.birks@uib.no or cathy.jenks@uib.no

The plan is that this eBook will be updated as new contributions come in. We will notify people of new 'editions' when they are ready.



Herbert E Wright, Jr - a biography - John Birks

List of publications - compiled by Cathy Jenks and John Birks

Thoughts and Achievements - An essay by Herb Wright for College English 3, written on 14 November 1932

Crash Landing Lizzie - Herb Wright (transcribed by Dan Engstrom)

History of LRC - Herb Wright

Travels in Kurdistan for the Iranian Prehistoric Project - Bob Megard

A Coring Expedition - Tom Shay

Herb Wright Memorable Events 1961-2015 - Björn E Berglund

European palaoecological pioneers in Minnesota 1958-1968 - John Birks

When Herb Wright had Red Hair - Jock McAndrews

Adventures in Minnesota 1970: Myrtle Lake to Mantrap Lake - Hilary Birks

The Klutlan Glacier Expedition 1971 - John Birks
Appendix 1 - Klutlan aerial photo
Appendix 2 - Field seminar table

HEW Memories - Bob Baker

The Bear and the Rat - Svante Björck

Herb Wright - A Picture Gallery - Pim van der Knaap and Jacqueline van Leeuwen

Herb Wright and COHMAP: 1974-1994 - Tom Webb and John Kutzbach

Adventures on Bermuda and in Florida with Herb Wright and Bill Watts - John Birks

The Ice Man of Wengen (written for the celebration of Herb's 80th birthday in Wengen, Switzerland) - Jim Almendinger

Contributions of Herbert E Wright Jr to Science and Technology (produced for the celebration of Herb's 90th birthday in Sils, Switzerland) - John and Hilary Birks

Where Herb Has Not Yet Gone Before (written for the celebration of Herb's 90th birthday in Sils, Switzerland) - Jim Almendinger

Limnological Center Reunion in 2013 - Dan Engstrom

A Brief Summary of the Career of H.E. Wright - Jim Almendinger

Travelling with Herb - A photo journal by Brigitta Ammann

Eat Wright - contributed by Hilary Birks



Labrador Adventures - Henry Lamb, Dan Engstrom, David Foster



Emi Ito, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Minnesota. In Memoriam

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John Birks 2017 NAS Biographical Memoirs 1-26.

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Herb the Scientist (address given at Herb's memorial service, 5 December 2015) - Dan Engstrom

Remembering Herb Wright (address given at Herb's memorial service, 5 December 2015) - Bobbi Megard

Jim Almendinger and Carrie Jennings, Memorial to Herbert Edgar Wright Jr. 1917-2015, Geological Society of America

University of Minnesota Memorial Program, 3 April 2016

Music in the Park concert dedicated to Herb Wright, 25 September 2016